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O Bracelet Berlin

Hi, we are Oh Bracelet Berlin, the label for sustainable bracelets from the heart of Berlin.

Studio Berlin

You can find us in Prenzlauer Berg at Naugarder Straße 35. We produce and ship our products from here. You are welcome to visit us, look at and try on selected pieces that you have discovered online, or pick up your online orders and thus save on shipping costs. Your appointments for Eternal Bracelets in Berlin also take place here.

Studio Cologne

You can now also find us in the old town of Cologne, at Alexianer Straße 12 in 50676 Cologne. We only offer our Eternal Bracelets and selected rings here.

Our studio only opens by appointment. Please make appointments for Eternal Bracelets online. If you have any questions about making an appointment, please contact

about us

Our small team of freelance and permanent employees create bracelets and bracelets that are dedicated to the very special people and moments in life. In addition to the beautiful design, the sustainability and fair production of our products are particularly important to us.

Marie Galinsky-Schild die Gruenderin von Oh Bracelet Berlin

Marie is the heart of Oh Bracelet Berlin. She founded the label in 2015 and since then has made it what it is today with a lot of passion and dedication. As a trained photographer, Marie takes care of the appropriate staging of each of our pieces of jewelry - which she knows best herself. Because Marie is also responsible for all designs and product ideas.

Marie is constantly looking for inspiration, creating new designs for you and your loved ones and finding ways to increase the sustainability, fairness and quality of our products.


Moira is studying at the Berlin University of Applied Sciences, started with us as an intern and hasn't left us since. Luckily, because now an integral part of the team, she supports us in the creation of visual content.

Moira makes beautiful pictures even more beautiful and features on the Oh Bracelet Berlin Instagram channel. May she never run out of good ideas.

Moira von Oh Bracelet Berlin
Joshua von Oh Bracelet Berlin
goldsmith and toolmaker

Joshua was in the boy scouts when he was in school. He completed his training as a goldsmith in 2019 and then completed further training to become a master craftsman. Since then he has worked in various small goldsmiths in Berlin. There he was busy with the manufacture and one-off production of, for example, wedding rings.

Since 2021 he has been responsible for the production of tools that make it easier for us to make our bracelets and for the production of our friendship bracelets. You can get to know Joshua personally if you book an appointment for an Eternal Bracelet with us.

Source of inspiration and production

Uta is Marie's mother and, so to speak, "to blame" for her daughter's passion for giving. As a child, Marie spent many hours in Uta's shop at the time, "Gift Idea", and was obviously left with a lasting impression. So much so that years later she founded her own label to do exactly what she was so enthusiastic about from an early age: giving away joy.

Today everything is different and yet quite similar, because the two are still in a team. Uta supports Oh Bracelet Berlin from her hometown of Dresden. In her small factory, she lovingly crafts our nylon bracelets by hand.

Uta von Oh Bracelet Berlin

Buy less, choose well, make it last

For us, sustainability primarily means that we simply deliver good quality. Apart from the high-quality, durable gold layer, our jewelery is made of steel, which was used in a previous life, e.g. B. was installed in a washing machine, a bicycle or a beverage can. In addition, our jewelry is virtually indestructible under normal use and does not have to be bought again and again. That saves money and resources.

Mitarbeiter versieht selbst hergestellte Upcycling Poliertücher die aus wiederverwendeten Stoffreste von Oh Bracelet berlin selbst hergestellt werden mit einem Sticker

conscious & fair

Our values

For us at Oh Bracelet Berlin, sustainability is a principle of action that affects not only the responsible use of resources but also working conditions.

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We're here for you

We are always happy about personal contact with our customers. That's why we're happy to welcome you at any time and advise you on our products or on general inquiries about engraving. You decide whether on the phone, by e-mail or in our studio. One thing is certain: we look forward to seeing you! By the way: We answer frequently asked questions about orders and shipping here .

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