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Do you know that feeling when a delicate bracelet keeps tearing or the gold plating quickly fades? That can't happen to you with a recycled stainless steel women's bracelet from us. You can wear and keep our robust and filigree designs on every occasion.

For example our filigree  Bracelet »Stella« made of high-quality gold-plated stainless steel. Our »Stella« bracelet is a wonderfully glittering bracelet in the color gold and thanks to the special finish of its individual chain links, it shines differently with every movement. It's no wonder that you're always fascinated - almost like the countless stars in the night sky, to which "Stella" owes its name.

Your search for a stainless steel bracelet with engraving will come to a happy end here. What story do you want to tell? Which loved one do you always want to carry with you? Give it a very special place: on your wrist. Our delicate Initial bracelet for women in silver is made of shiny, hand-polished stainless steel. The small plate with a diameter of 8 mm draws attention to the filigree, subtle engraving with your desired initial. The flat Italian carabiner holds the bracelet reliably and stylishly on the wrist. High-quality, robust and tear-resistant, it accompanies you through everyday life, because thanks to its great quality you can always keep it on. The bracelet is made according to your wishes and delivered in a noble box.

Our »Happy Birthday« heart bracelet in rose gold is a great birthday gift for women. This filigree bracelet for women with a heart symbol made of stainless steel in rose gold is a wonderful birthday surprise and, thanks to the matching card, is practically ready to give as a gift when it reaches you. Or you can have this decorative birthday greeting sent directly to the recipient and put a smile on their face.

We offer all stainless steel bracelets in gold, silver and rose gold for every occasion.


It depends on the piece of jewelry. Our stainless steel jewelery made of pure stainless steel does not tarnish as a matter of principle. With gold-plated bracelets and bangles, the natural shine can fade somewhat over time when they come into contact with salt water, shower gel and shampoo. The more often you go into the water with your high-quality jewellery, the sooner the shine of the gold plating can fade. We know that you always want to keep your favorite jewelry on. That's why we work with a very thick multiple gilding. This is up to 100 times more durable than the gold plating of conventional costume jewellery.

Its long shelf life! Because our jewelery designs made of stainless steel are particularly robust and durable - the ideal basis for filigree fashion jewellery. Its high degree of purity makes it insensitive to external influences: in comparison to 925 sterling silver, the surface does not become cloudy when exposed to air. Perfect for high-quality fashion jewelry that is worn every day on a wide variety of occasions. We deliberately use stainless steel for the basis of our sustainable jewelry because it is not one of the so-called conflict materials and is 100% recyclable if separated by type. Learn more about sustainability .