Jewelry made of stainless steel is more sustainable. Here's why.

Chemicals that are often toxic to humans and the environment are used to mine precious metals such as gold and silver. The miners often experience exploitation and discrimination. Many mining regions have been shaken by violence as armed groups are in conflict over the valuable raw materials.

Fenster Front aus Edelstahl
Why steel
What makes steel sustainable?

Stainless steel is one of the few materials that can be produced cleanly and recycled without loss. It therefore corresponds to the principle of sustainability and social responsibility like hardly any other material: steel is therefore an essential pillar of a sustainable society. No other product is manufactured as environmentally friendly as steel and makes a valuable contribution to environmental protection through a wide range of applications and possible uses. and climate protection.

recycled material
JEWELRY with history

Apart from the high-quality, durable gold layer, our jewelery is made of steel, which was used in a previous life, e.g. B. was installed in a washing machine, a saucepan or a fitting. In addition, our jewelry is virtually indestructible under normal use and does not have to be bought again and again. That saves money and resources.


"Steel corresponds to the principle of sustainability like hardly any other material."

Marie - Founder and Designer

Model haelt Edelstahlschmuck mit Gravur in der Farbe Silber in ihren Haenden

Recycled jewelry

which already differentiates us from others at the core
finest gilding
durable & robust

Our gold plating is up to 100 times thicker than traditional costume jewellery, as we know how to apply gold mechanically so that it lasts a very long time. So far in 2021 we have used less than one coat button of real gold to manufacture our products.

your story
the true value

When it was founded, Marie decided not to make the core of her jewelry designs from a precious metal, which is one of the so-called conflict materials. To this day she firmly believes that the true value of a piece of jewelery from her Oh Bracelet Berlin label lies in the very personal story that connects you with it and, of course, in the good feeling you give it as a gift.

zwei Hände mit Armbänder
Blumenwiese mit Armband
A life after

By recycling, steel makes a particular contribution to the sustainable use of resources that are not available in unlimited quantities and must therefore be conserved in order to preserve them for future generations. In fact, steel is the most recycled material in the world. As a sustainable jewelry label, we value the endless recycling possibilities of stainless steel, which enable us to create sustainable products from recycled material that can be recycled any number of times at the end of their life cycle.

"We firmly believe that the true value of our jewelry lies in the very personal story that connects you to it."

Marie - Founder and Designer

Old becomes new
Dispose of stainless steel properly

Admittedly, thinking about the moment of saying goodbye to your favorite jewelry feels kind of strange. However, if there are small amounts of stainless steel (cutlery, screws or discarded stainless steel jewelry) in your household, you should dispose of them as appropriately as possible and, above all, with a view to their reusability.

Smaller amounts of metal can be disposed of in the residual waste. The residual or household waste is incinerated in a plant. Strong magnets, however, pull metal parts out of the garbage beforehand. They can therefore be recycled. You can either take larger metal waste to the nearest recycling center yourself, or you can take it to a scrap collection point in your city so that it can be recycled. The sorting quality at scrap dealers is higher than with mechanical sorting.