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Are you infinitely grateful for a loved one? Have you taken your mom or girlfriend into your heart forever? Our friendship bracelets are a symbol of the deep connection between two people; as an emotional gesture for your best friend as well as a gift for Mother's Day. In our online shop you will find individual bracelets - also as bracelets with engraving if you wish - that tell your story in a special way.

For the best friend in the world: Your best friend is a very special person? Show her that nothing can separate you with a heart symbol friendship bracelet for 2. Unique for a unique person: Do you share values, feelings, thoughts & moments? Give the best friend in the world an eye-catching and truly unique gift. A bracelet for women as a heart to heart gesture; from girlfriend to girlfriend, from mother to daughter You like it individual? If you wish, you can have your bracelet engraved. Engraved jewelery gives you the opportunity to permanently share something connecting and personal.

Harmonizes with every look: the heart pendants are elaborately gold-plated and very subtle. They adorn your bracelet in gold, rose gold or silver and can be combined with any look and jewellery. So you can always carry your friendship gifts with you as a super personal accessory. ALWAYS CONNECTED : As a birthday gift, Mother's Day gift or a gift for women in general - friendship bracelets for 2 with handmade heart charms are the appropriate symbol for your friendship or the deep relationship between mother and daughter and show that your hearts are connected forever.

Sustainable and high-quality fashion jewellery: Are you looking for a bracelet with engraving - cheap and of good quality? Our stainless steel jewelery is particularly durable and even suitable for allergy sufferers. Our sustainable jewelry is the perfect gift. Thanks to the elegant packaging of the friendship bracelets, we save on wrapping paper and conserve resources.


It depends on the piece of jewelry. Our stainless steel jewelery made of pure stainless steel does not tarnish as a matter of principle. With gold-plated bracelets and bangles, the natural shine can fade somewhat over time when they come into contact with salt water, shower gel and shampoo. The more often you go into the water with your high-quality jewellery, the sooner the shine of the gold plating can fade. We know that you always want to keep your favorite jewelry on. That's why we work with a very thick multiple gilding. This is up to 100 times more durable than the gold plating of conventional costume jewellery.

Its long shelf life! Because our jewelery designs made of stainless steel are particularly robust and durable - the ideal basis for filigree fashion jewellery. Its high degree of purity makes it insensitive to external influences: in comparison to 925 sterling silver, the surface does not become cloudy when exposed to air. Perfect for high-quality fashion jewelry that is worn every day on a wide variety of occasions. We deliberately use stainless steel for the basis of our sustainable jewelry because it is not one of the so-called conflict materials and is 100% recyclable if separated by type. Learn more about sustainability .