Sustainability in the jewelery industry - is that possible?

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For us, sustainability is not a trend, but a topic that affects us all – in everyday life, but also when it comes to where and what we consciously invest our money in. How can I be well dressed with a clear conscience? Can I only buy fairly produced parts? And doesn't it cost half a fortune to shop fairly and sustainably for fashion and jewelry? We investigated these questions because we find it not so easy to keep track of such a complex topic as sustainable fashion or accessories and to make the right decisions. But what about the jewelry industry? Can jewelry also be sustainable?

Buy less, choose well, make it last!

Sure, shopping for jewelry and new clothes is fun. But how often do you really need a new part? Question your shopping routines. Are you absolutely sure that you can't just mix and match clothes or jewelry that you already own? At Oh Bracelet Berlin, we deliberately refrain from constantly launching new collections. Instead, we focus on timeless and minimalist designs that can be worn all year round and easily combined with existing favorites.

Green and cheap? Is the?

A pack of 10 rings for 2.90 euros? Jewelery sometimes only costs as much as a baguette at the bakery. If you think about how many work steps are necessary for the production, from the mining of the metals to the processing, casting and finishing of the jewelry to the proper disposal of the waste water during production - then you inevitably ask yourself: who pays for this here actual price? Clearly: the environment and the people who produce the chic sparkling rings. But how long can you enjoy such cheap parts?

Fair and sustainable jewelery must therefore be more expensive than fast fashion, that much is certain. This is just one of many reasons to shop less and be more conscious, to go back to vintage jewelry, or to have your parents' and grandparents' jewelry refurbished. And indeed, there are also small brands and labels that offer sustainable and recycled jewelry at affordable prices.

For us at Oh Bracelet Berlin, sustainability is a principle of action that affects not only the responsible use of resources but also working conditions. Another very important factor is that we attach great importance to good quality. For our designs, for example, we work with a very thick multiple gilding that is up to 100 times more durable than the gilding of conventional costume jewellery.

Our jewelry is virtually indestructible with normal use and does not have to be bought again and again. That saves money and resources.

Give new materials a chance!

Our jewelry differs from others at its core - because it is not made of a precious metal, which is one of the so-called conflict materials. Instead, we rely on stainless steel.

Materials such as silver or gold have a millennia-old tradition when it comes to making jewelry. They are our first association when we think about what our jewelry should be made of if possible. In contrast, fashion jewelry made of stainless steel is still relatively new. It wasn't until 1912 that a patent was applied for for a type of steel that was particularly pure and extremely corrosion-resistant.

The special thing about stainless steel: It is recyclable - so it makes a special contribution to the sustainable use of resources, which are not available in unlimited quantities and must therefore be conserved in order to preserve them for future generations. In fact, steel is the most recycled material in the world. As a sustainable jewelry label, we value the endless recycling possibilities of stainless steel, which enable us to create sustainable products that can be reused any number of times, even at the end of their life cycle.

Not only the inner values ​​count!

However, an online shop does not just include the products themselves - the packaging must also be well thought out, especially if you want to focus on the sustainability aspect here as well.

With a product from Oh Bracelet Berlin you are buying a piece of jewelry that should accompany you for a long time. The packaging it arrives in does not. It is all the more important to look out for ecologically responsible packaging materials. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to find a sustainable and at the same time affordable alternative. In the meantime, however, we have managed to design our packaging in such a way that it does not require plastic, consists of FSC-certified cardboard or recycled materials and is available for further private use as required.

Experts estimate that, on average, parcels are only half filled with goods when they are shipped. The rest: air and filler. The consequences are more delivery traffic and more CO2 and pollutant emissions. We want to do better. That's why we pack our products according to the motto: As much as necessary, as little as possible. We therefore pay attention to the optimal size of our shipping packaging and thus avoid that our logistics partners are traveling with an unnecessarily large amount of air.

Never lose the joy of it!

We think it's important to think about what you're wearing. And it is certainly desirable to shop more consciously and with more care. But nobody is perfect! Jewelry and fashion are also an expression of joie de vivre and ultimately there to be fun. And so it does not require individual people who try to make everything perfect, but lots of people who rethink a few points and are clear about what their very personal contribution could look like.

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