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Compared to stainless steel, materials such as silver or gold have a millennia-old tradition when it comes to making jewelry. Fashion jewelery made of stainless steel, on the other hand, is still relatively innovative. It wasn't until 1912 that a patent was applied for for a type of steel that was particularly pure and extremely corrosion-resistant. Stainless steel is a true all-rounder and is very popular in road construction, in the furniture industry and in healthcare. However, the jewelery industry only recognized the potential of steel relatively late. Find out here why we particularly like to use this great, high-quality material for the base of our jewelry.


Our jewelery designs made of stainless steel are particularly robust and durable - the ideal basis for filigree fashion jewellery. Its high degree of purity makes it insensitive to external influences: in comparison to 925 sterling silver, the surface does not become cloudy when exposed to air. Perfect for high-quality fashion jewelry that is worn every day on a wide variety of occasions.


Fashion jewelery from Oh Bracelet Berlin is mainly made of stainless steel (surgical steel) or recycled 925 sterling silver. Steel and iron scrap is the most recycled material in the world and helps to save more than a billion tons of primary raw materials every year. Each steelworks also has the function of a recycling plant.


Many people suffer from a nickel allergy and are therefore specifically looking for high-priced, high-quality jewellery. However, expensive does not always mean good. The assumption that nickel is contained in cheaper metals in particular is incorrect: even precious metals such as real gold or 925 sterling silver can contain nickel residues. The stainless steel we use, on the other hand, contains a comparatively small, barely measurable amount of nickel and is therefore hypoallergenic and skin-friendly.


We know that you always want to keep your favorite jewelry on. That's why we work with a very thick multiple gold plating that is up to 100 times more durable than conventional costume jewellery. With normal use, our stainless steel jewelery is virtually indestructible and does not have to be bought again and again. That saves money and resources.


Gold and silver are usually mined under dangerous, unhealthy and inhumane conditions. In Peru alone, around 50,000 children work in mine production. In Africa and Mexico there are even more. It is therefore particularly important to us not only to produce fairly, but also in a sustainable and ecologically responsible manner. We therefore use stainless steel for the core of our sustainable jewelry, because this is not one of the so-called conflict materials.


Stainless steel is one of the few materials that can be recycled again and again with 100% loss-free if separated by type. Steel products in general - which includes our stainless steel jewelry - can be recycled anywhere at the end of their life cycle and do not have to be returned to the place of original manufacture.


We use stainless steel for our jewelry collections due to its stability and corrosion resistance. Compared to silver, its surface does not become tarnished in air. In addition, it is much harder than and does not scratch as easily. Stainless steel has a high degree of purity, is therefore insensitive to external influences and generally does not tarnish. Gold-plated bracelets and bangles can lose their natural shine over time if they come into contact with salt water, shower gel and shampoo.

As beautiful as the first day

To ensure that you enjoy our handmade, high-quality jewelry for as long as possible, you should follow a few basic rules: detergents, hairspray and perfume, but also heavy sweat damage the brilliance of the gold plating. It is therefore best to take off your jewelry when doing housework and gardening, when showering, in the sauna or on the beach. We also recommend that you apply care products, perfume and make-up before you put on your high-quality fashion jewellery.



It is advisable to gently clean the jewelry at regular intervals. All you need is lukewarm water, mild soap and a soft cloth. Simply run over the piece of jewelry with light circular movements. Avoid using harsh household cleaners, ketchup, or lemon juice. These may destroy the gold-plated surface. If you want to freshen up the shine a little, you can easily polish your jewelery with a metal or silver cleaning cloth.


Can your jewelry tarnish?

no And that is exactly what makes our jewelry so high-quality and durable. Our jewelry will not tarnish in red, black or green, as you might know from copper alloys or silver. This is because stainless steel jewelry does not oxidize with oxygen in the presence of water (humidity).


How do I store my jewelry?

Jewels are real loners. That's why you should never store precious metals such as silver, gold, stainless steel or brass together, but separate them. Ideally, you keep your jewelry in small cloth bags. In this way you avoid unwanted reactions between the metals. Also, remember not to leave your jewelry in humid areas, such as the bathroom, as this will accelerate the oxidation of the metals.


what is important to us

something that stays

We want you to enjoy your piece of jewelery from Oh Bracelet Berlin for a long time. If you have any questions about the material or the care of our products, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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